Thursday, September 30, 2010

DecapitateHer Cakes

that's me in the white helmet

When I played derby, my name was DecapitateHer and in those days having props was still cool. Now, derby has evolved rather quickly into a ‘no shit’ competitive sport with sponsors, championships, and regional and national tournaments; so props are kind of amateur-ish. By the way, Western Regionals is happening right now in Sacramento. Anyway, this isn’t about derby, I just wanted to say that since my name is DecapitateHer (in white helmet), in the beginning, I had this mannequin head and sickle and I’d skate around as if I just lopped it off. I had it strapped to a derby helmet and everything, it was freakin awesome…anywaaaay.

So I have this thing sitting around but I totally forgot about it because it was hiding under all my hats! It’s perfect to show off my earrings! Nice! I guess cosmetology school and my knack for holding on to things that “I’ll use someday” has paid off. The funny thing is I have the head in a light box so when I open my garage to get the sunlight, people see me taking pictures of a head in a box, nice!

In other news, I made this cake for my friend’s birthday. It’s my second cake “boss” style and it was fun and quicker than the Thomas one. I used waaaaay too much butter cream frosting though. I didn’t realize how thick it went on so it kinda ruined the cake. It was way too sugary to enjoy. Blah! Practice makes perfect.


  1. Holy canoli, roller derby seems badass!

  2. roller derby is love the cake

  3. That is a beautiful cake. WOW i now know a roller derby queen.


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