Friday, September 17, 2010

I found the Best Hemp on the Planet!

Ecolution Hemp
One word, Ecolution. This is the creme de la creme of hemp twine and yarn. Hell, even their natural processing had me sunk! Their website offers information and pictures on their processing technique as well as how they use natural dyes from plants. They are so earth freindly that I would never have to wonder if the product I am selling is pure. But anyway, enough about how I want to leave my family and go work for Ecolution, let's talk about the product.

hemp twine

If you are a hemper, whether you knot or knit, Ecolution has what you need. The twine used for knotting has long fibers so it's less sctratchy (if scratchy at all) and the product won't fray easily.  If you hate those little stray fibers that stick out and poke you or that make your jewelry look like shit, this hemp is your answer.

current project

hemp yarn

The hemp yarn is love!!!! A while back I picked up a denim colored spool from my favorite store, Shipwreck Beads. Can you believe I only live 20 minutes from there?! Anyway, so I brought this hemp home and I instantly fell in love with it's charm. Soft to the touch, easy on the eyes (and fingers) and greatest of all, I could tat this yarn so much easier than twine. This is where I started tatting hemp into jewelry. I've been interested in tatting for a while, but I'll save that story for another blog post.

The catch with Ecolution is that you can't just go on their site and order a spool from their store. You have to find a retailer, blah! While I get mine from Shipwreck, you can find and order from the retailer of your choice.

This is it! Ecolution is the Best Hemp on the Planet.

Denim Hemp from Ecolution

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