Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Betty Rocker

So I got a little obsessed with cake shows. Cake Boss, Duff, Food Network Challenge, etc. I had to try it. It looked so awesome and they make it seem so easy! I planned for 2 months and made my son's 2nd birthday cake and must say it turned out to be a complete success despite a couple cosmetic issues, but it was a solid cake...right on!

As a matter of fact, I don't think i can enjoy cake without fondant on it. Well, thats a lie, I would probably eat any kind of cake. But you get the idea. If you haven't tried cake with marshmallow fondant on it, you need to. YUM!

You see those trees? He played with those trees forever. My son loves trees by the way. I plan to make him another bling cake for his next birthday. Maybe he'll be into something cool like Batman or some other comic. That would be rad.

I'm making a 6" round cake for my friend's birthday this weekend. I'll blog about it most likely.


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