Monday, March 28, 2011

Two OoAK Pieces, One Show; Inspiration from She Wants Revenge

Ok. Now that I'm not completely buzzing from the show, I can write about it with some kind of literary value; free from blabbering about would have could haves and nonsense like "omg omg omg". For this post I'll cover the jewelry inspired portion first, followed by the show experience.

She Wants Revenge is by far one of my all time favorite bands. Their music inspires me beyond words in many aspects of my life. The beats, the words, the personalities, it all fits with me. They are not for everybody...and I like love that. They just released a couple of videos "Take the World" and "Must Be the One". I designed this necklace inspired by the song, lyrics, and video to "Take the World"  I wore it the night of the show so the original is mine!  I'm considering a reproduction to list in my studio but I really don't like replicating one of a kind pieces. Keeping with my shop theme, the flower's base is made out of black hemp and uses a technique called tatting which is basically handmade lace. The flower was tatted and assembled by my hand. It's adorned with Preciosa crystals.

I also designed this bracelet, which is my impression of the video "Must Be the One". The hematite rondelles represent wheel bearings and the rest of the bracelet pulls colors and image impressions from the video. In an attempt not to bore you here with the details, you can go here where I elaborate on both pieces.

I went to their show at the Soho (Seattle) last June when they toured with the Psychedelic Furs but I was way in the back unable to really see them and I'm not into muscling my way to the stage. The show still rocked and I vowed at that point to always try to be a bit early to get a spot up front. I got Adam's autograph but couldn't stick around for the rest of the no Justin ink that night for me. Fek! Here I go rambling about the could haves...

Adam on bass
So back to the show of topic. I clang dearly to front stage center so I would not miss a beat, word, nor riff. It was amazing to see Adam play his bass so much that night. Semi studying his finger work I noticed he sometimes gets on his toes at the top of a was cute. My friend snapped this shot for me. At other times I would be lost in the song with my eyes closed only to open them with Justin right there in front of me singing it too...surreal. I listen to these songs on an embarrassing regular basis so to have them in front of me was quite an experience. I'm pretty close to "omg omg omg". Fucking bravo dudes, you rocked my face.

Meeting them was the cherry on top. I managed to navigate this social encounter without saying anything stupid like 'bduhhh' or 'I love you'. I had so much to say and ask but I'm pretty sure I said something cliche like 'you guys are awesome'...cliche or not, it's true. I got their autograph and left completely satisfied. Not only are they great artists but they are very personable as well. May 24. Can't wait! I want to say a public thank you to the girl who gave me her spare ticket to have autographed. All I had was a big piece of paper with an e-tix on it...laaame. I never caught her name but I'm betting she'll be at the next show. 

My friend snapped this shot for me. Thank you to whoever used a flash!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Now that I've listed over 100 items in my shop, I'm hooked on adding more. I'm looking at what lines can be expanded and which designs can be altered to create something different. I've been macrame knotting up a storm getting ready for the hemp fests I plan to sell at. I still have to tat earrings, which by the way tatting hemp really hurts after a while but is so worth it. Mole skin ftw. I also need to spin up a bunch of hemp blend yarns for the other crafties. I'll be busy for sure.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Artisans for Japan

Japan Relief Effort Then back to Work

      Last week sometime, I was moved to make a bracelet featuring a Japanese flag to raise money for the relief efforts in Japan. It was a simple pattern with just a few seed beads to depict the flag. Also available in black. I ended up raising $260! Not much looking at it from the big picture but I'm sure that will be stretched to help as much as possible. 100% proceeds went to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund via

     After that bracelet making marathon, my sights have turned back to build inventory to get ready for this year's hemp fests. I have finally reached 100 items in my artfire shop, woot woot! My most recent listing is of my very first hand spun bracelet. It's crazy to think it started out as a bunch of loose fibers and I transformed it into a bracelet, which is why it's the most expensive bracelet I have listed. It's made of a 50% hemp/50% bamboo blend, hand carded and spun on my truly fairytale spinning wheel. Think Rumpelstiltskin. I listed it at half the price my gal pals told me I should, we'll see what happens.