Monday, April 25, 2011

new neighbors: an introvert's danger zone

Getting new neighbors is and always has been an awkward situation for me. It is true I am a bit challenged in the social meetings realm, but I try. So just like always, the new neighbors were out in their backyard and instead of saying hi through the fence I just didn't and went on picking up dog poo ( I think they were doing the same). And when I saw them outside moving their things I didn't dare go out and bother them; after all what would i say? I got "hi" down. "Welcome to the neighborhood"? I can't stand cliches and I feel like an idiot every time one escapes my lips. My neighbors across the street moved in last year and I still have not properly introduced myself...but neither have they..hmmm.

But then there comes a time with your new neighbors where if you don't say is considered rude and then you have to come back from that...which seems like a whole different post altogether. So my time had come to initiate; I'm pulling out of my driveway and their garage is open...aaand they are in the driveway. I might want to add that I know the new neighbors sister and through her set up a business deal. See, the new neighbors...they blow glass!!!

So I get out of the car, introduce myself to both of them and they are some really cool people! I wasted a whole week being an introvert...gosh I hope I don't say that at the end of my life.."I wasted my whole life being an introvert"..yikes. Anyway, they made up 5 or 6 glass pendants for me and I've already started using them. He's also a graphic designer so he is going to help design a website for me (which I need desperately). I promised some jewelry in exchange. Which is cool because I've been wanting to try my hand at designing masculine pieces. Well, I have this one which is for men or women.

At the end of the day (err week) I once again proved to myself that I need to talk to people more and stop being a turtle. The older I get the easier it is to do this but it's still awkward. I'll leave it at that.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shamballa...All Aboard!

I have also fallen in love with the Shamballa (Shambhala) style. I love the look of the rhinestones surrounded by beautiful and lustrous beads and framed with macrame. I constructed one of black Preciosa pearls and Preciosa poly beads with paves crystal rhinestones. It's available in my shop and it's gorgeous! Really a must have trend for the spring/summer. These poly rhinestone beads can be ex-pen-sive so I only have a handful to play with. With the others, I want to design my own bracelet using "shamballa" beads.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Guilty by Association

it's true
It has recently come to my attention that some consumers may be turned off by my jewelry because it is made of hemp, which has a certain stigma to it. I did a quick blog post in my shop hopefully clearing the air for some of those who have no idea what hemp is and that it can save our country...I'd love to do a blog rant on this one day, but not today. In the post, I covered what hemp is and that it is not the same thing as buying a dime bag from your local bodega.  It amazes me the amount of people who think they can smoke hemp and get high. Hemp is versatile...but not that versatile.

I was doing a show one time oh about 6 years ago and this family was acting very peculiar around my table; laughing and giggling and what not. They finally approached my table, picked up a bracelet and smelled it! After I realized what was going on they were already two tables down. Funny experience; eye opening scenario.

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