Monday, April 25, 2011

new neighbors: an introvert's danger zone

Getting new neighbors is and always has been an awkward situation for me. It is true I am a bit challenged in the social meetings realm, but I try. So just like always, the new neighbors were out in their backyard and instead of saying hi through the fence I just didn't and went on picking up dog poo ( I think they were doing the same). And when I saw them outside moving their things I didn't dare go out and bother them; after all what would i say? I got "hi" down. "Welcome to the neighborhood"? I can't stand cliches and I feel like an idiot every time one escapes my lips. My neighbors across the street moved in last year and I still have not properly introduced myself...but neither have they..hmmm.

But then there comes a time with your new neighbors where if you don't say is considered rude and then you have to come back from that...which seems like a whole different post altogether. So my time had come to initiate; I'm pulling out of my driveway and their garage is open...aaand they are in the driveway. I might want to add that I know the new neighbors sister and through her set up a business deal. See, the new neighbors...they blow glass!!!

So I get out of the car, introduce myself to both of them and they are some really cool people! I wasted a whole week being an introvert...gosh I hope I don't say that at the end of my life.."I wasted my whole life being an introvert"..yikes. Anyway, they made up 5 or 6 glass pendants for me and I've already started using them. He's also a graphic designer so he is going to help design a website for me (which I need desperately). I promised some jewelry in exchange. Which is cool because I've been wanting to try my hand at designing masculine pieces. Well, I have this one which is for men or women.

At the end of the day (err week) I once again proved to myself that I need to talk to people more and stop being a turtle. The older I get the easier it is to do this but it's still awkward. I'll leave it at that.

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