Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cakes and Drum Rolls

All business aside, my son’s third birthday is coming up and I’ve worked up a Kipper cake for his birthday BBQ celebration this Saturday. Be on the look out for Betty Rocker posts. And …drum roll please…I graduate on Saturday!!!!  I will finally hold the golden ticket that may or may not help me gain employment when I decide doing what I want and being my own boss isn’t working out anymore ;)

On to business…
Ok where to begin. Lots going on in the shop at the moment. Trying to keep up with everything has been rough and a challenge at the very least. Wearing all the hats is tiring and often leads to dead ends and frustration. Calling on my friends and family to volunteer their expertise has been a lifesaver. Being an analog girl in a digital world can be bewildering. Add being a full time mom to the mix and you’ve got a recipe for stress but I’ve been fortunate enough to have strong support so …onward….tally ho..sally forth…and some suchness.

First bit of exciting news I’ll share is that I have recently opened an account with Ecolution. They have some of the best hemp available and I can’t wait to get my knotty little hands on it. Some of you may remember my post about the best hemp on the planet. I will be using it as well as having it available for other hemp jewelry artists to purchase. Compared to the cheap manila hemp coming in from some parts of the world, Ecolution hemp offers premium quality from cultivation to harvest. They are passionate about eco consciousness and I am proud to be using and soon to be carrying their products. So that’s one thing happening.

sneak peek - barefoot sandals 
In June, I will be releasing my summer line including barefoot sandals and anklets.  I still have so much more to go but have so much.. that I could easily start trickling them into my shop. I have made tons of under $5 stack bracelets for the upcoming festivals and hemp fests but have never thought of listing them. Would it be worth it to list something for $3? I still haven’t decided. Apparently it’s working for others so it’s worth consideration. And considering my recent business ventures, it couldn’t hurt to get an increase in sales and promotion. Considering…

And lastly, I started listing the fiber I spin. I can't knit, can't crochet (good), I can tat but I'm not going to sit there and tat all that I spin. So I am delving further into the fiber arts and offering up my hand spun wares. I've only listed bamboo and alpaca so far. I am currently spinning up some hemp to ply with olive green bamboo. Need dyed bamboo? Go to Fiber Lady, you can find her on Artfire. She loves bamboo and her colors turn out wonderful.

hand spun "stormy night" bamboo and chocolaty alpaca

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