Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Cuff Design

Besides my upcoming photo shoot that I've been obsessing over for days now, I decided to finish up a project that was long overdue to be finished. It came out so awesome that I listed it and I'm glad that it is done in time for next Sunday. I wanted to make a wide cuff and came across a very easy design in an old macrame book I have upstairs. The first one I did I kept the colors neutral to see what the color pattern would look like.

Since it turned out so well, I am doing one now in rasta colors, and then one in rainbow, and so on until I'm obsessed with another design.

So three of the models are due to come over today with the clothes they will be wearing so I can get an idea of what pieces to put with what model. This also allows me one whole week to make last minute additions. I have to meet the photographer today (although I haven't heard from her) to go over locations, wardrobe, etc. I'm assuming I will have to come up with a picture list; an order the pictures will be taken in. Oi...

In other son loves Elmo Potty Time, and I love that he's interested in the potty :)

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