Friday, September 3, 2010

star designer

I did it! I designed my very own hemp necklace. Usually hemp jewelry is pretty much set in stone. Yes you can use variations to give your stuff a different or unique look but basically, it's all been knotted before. Which can be a discouraging thing when every other hemper or hemptress has the similar products. Since I've started tatting, I have been able to use hemp in a different way to still make jewelry.

But yesterday, what started out as an earring quickly became my inspiration jump off point. After I realized I wouldn't have enough hemp left to make two earrings, I stopped my work and was left with the main part of my necklace. This has happened before, but I never followed through with completing anything from it. Not wanting to waste this prescious ( and more expensive) hemp yarn, I acted fast before my attention was taken by something else..ooh shiny! I got some beads, some findings, and set my design into motion. Granted this wasn't some crazy wake me out of my dreams idea, but for someone who gets creativity in streaks and free time in the DAYtime seldomly, I was pretty excited. I took pictures almost immediately and will be posting it to my Etsy store sometime this morning =]. Check it out!
Hemp Lace Necklace

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