Saturday, October 2, 2010

Craft Table? No no...Boutique!

 So I am getting ready for Bazaar and Fair season. My first show isn’t until November 6th so I have plenty of time to get everything set up but probably not enough time to make everything I want, as usual. I’ve turned my spare bedroom (notice box spring >.<) into my craft booth, which this year I am calling my "boutique". When I set it up before the show, I'm not scrambling to make everything look good because I already know how it's going to look! It's also very inspiring to walk into a room and see your shop all laid out on display.

 I can already tell my biggest obstacle is to not put too many knickknacks on my tables. I love using cute little things to show off my jewelry but for one it starts to look cluttered, two the customers have trouble deciphering what’s for sale and what’s not, and three…damn it, I knew there was a third point…oh well.

I’m using an old fireplace screen to give my boutique height. I can display my earrings here easily and use hooks if I want to display or hang a necklace. I need to spray paint the top and give it some personality because gold is just not my thang, especially 1980’s gold chrome…bleh! But it’s totally awesome that I get to upcycle it AND it looks great with seasonal decorations draped along the top.

To match the height of the fireplace screen, I’m using a cubby style shelf. Here I will be able to “showcase” my favorite or Sale items. I plan on making each cubby a different color scheme. I can use colored scrapbook sheets to serve as the back wall of these cubby holes. Hopefully this will be just enough ‘pop’ at eye level to get some second glances. This is just the beginning...

kung-fu grip

Meanwhile I am also trying to come up with better ways of showing off my bracelets but ti is incredibly difficult to stick my arm into a box with a narrow(er) opening and get my arm at just the right angle whilst taking a picture using a stack of 2x4s as a tripod. This one turned out ok and I can crop but still...meh. What's with the kung-fu grip?

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  1. Lol, kung fu grip!


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