Monday, July 18, 2011

My Shop Now Carries Premium Hemp!

Rainbow Hemp
Rainbow Hemp
HempCraft is now carrying premium hemp in a variety of colors! You can find it at

  Several months ago I did a blog series, "The best hemp on the planet" that reviewed a few different companies in the search for the best quality fiber hemp. I came up with a company called Ecolution as the victor. I have been using their hemp ever since I found it and have never wanted to use anything else. They have some of the softest yet strongest hemp I have ever found. Ecolution grows, cultivates, and processes their own hemp 'in house' and are located in Transylvania, Romania. A little over two months ago I decided to take my business in a new direction by supplying other crafters with this same premium hemp.
 I continue to use and praise Ecolution to this day not only for their superior quality but also because I know they are an eco conscious company and use environmentally safe methods. Ecolution is extensively involved in making their methods of processing hemp as environmentally safe as possible. Ecolution has mastered the art of producing fine hemp without the use of chemicals. One way they do this is by using air! They started using a new eco friendly technology that uses short compressed air blasts to soften the fiber making unwanted chemicals unnecessary.
 They have four natural dyes from plants; brown, grey, yellow, and golden green.
The brown is dyed using bark from European oaks which are found throughout the forests of Transylvania. The grey tones are dyed using the juice from the fruit of a bilberry plant, found throughout the forests of the Transylvanian mountains.The yellow and golden green are made using the entire plant of a pansy and oregano, respectively, which Ecolution grows right there in their fields.

 In addition to natural colors, Ecolution uses fiber reactive dyes which are European Union approved, non toxic, environmentally sound, and contains no heavy metals. Fiber reactive dyes are superior to traditional dyes in quality and environmental responsibility because Fiber reactive dyes are specially formulated to ensure the dye molecule and fiber molecule make a complete bond. This allows a more vibrant brighter color with little waste in the wash water.

 So where can you find this awesome hemp I speak of? In my Etsy shop! I am still busy taking pictures of and listing all the colors I have available so keep checking back for more options.

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